Song Title Ideas


Power ballin
They call her Champagne
Don’t let anything go
(Got that) Ink on you
The Alpha
Private Stash
Infinite Wisdom
Nailed the Landing
(We got) Ice cream At Home
Man Bites Dog
Detroit Hustles Harder
Somebody’s Lyin To Him
Stepped out on her
Yeah, But I’m not gonna go there
Movie of week
Pole position
You ain’t neva lied
Thrill A Minute
Cute Ugly Girl
Rock star parking
We mean business
I always see the thank you but never the come to
Sugar train
Hey, listen to my demo!
C Suite
2k15 2K16
The Hard Sell
Pull down the shades
I’ll love you but don’t ruin my fav song
No Change Given
You make loving you so hard
Put A B in The Bass
Many In Body One In Mind
That Element
On the ledge
(I lose Control) 
Are you w me thru the nite 
It ain’t that serious
Dare Say I
Future Proof
Named After David
A Dagger Before Me
It Ain’t That Serious
Clean up your act
Move 4 Move
How we roll
Curves ahead
Evil Lair
Stick to the script
Lock Step
Drama Callin
Afro Dogs
I’d Do It For You
Double X
Late nite Thai
No Chinese on Mondays
Lovin it too strong
They ain’t all winners
The business end 
A Young Mans Game (Winning)
The IDL (Intl Date Line)
Marco Polo
Just doin my job
No stranger to smooth/slick
I aint always been Smart but ive    always been good
This speaks to me
It works in theory
I can ace that test
Weak Free P-ssy
Tearful Crooner
Second Line
He can’t be yours
Kill. Get. Fix. Lift.
Peaches Crates
The gift of Gab
Project Mayhem
Primary Charge
Look Beneath the Surface
(My girl can) Rock that look
Too soon to tell
Walking with a Soundtrack
The New Normal
Need a ruler to draw a circle
Charlie Brown Mambo
The field of play
Off The Grid
CTR Chicago Terminal Rythyms
Paper jam
Body in motion
Darkness is dancing
Brotherhood of darkness
I ain’t tryin to hear all dat
6 Generations 5-13-54(Rock n Roll)
Cuz I Can
This Is Where The Magic Happens
Hold It Down
Out for the count
What’s Not to love
That’s a good problem to have
I. Am gettin me. Sum of dat.
Bout to lose your #1 fan
Do we have enough ether?
Things can only get…different.
Overnight sensation
Low Vision Experience
I bust mine and kick yours
A clock with no hands
0 Dark-30
Company Man
I ain’t tryin to hear all that
It’s not THAT kind of night
Worth the price of admission
How’s that working out for you
Let’s not and say we did Let’s do and say we didn’t
It ain’t that kinda party
It’s a beautiful thing
Heavy Rotation
Some other peoples kids
If you got the chops
A good problem to have
There’s only one shelf & that’s Top
Gotta get down if you want to get up
It ain’t a party till the cops come
Who’s gonna clean up this mess
Horse thieves and fur traders
No shortage of beautiful girls
No Cable 2579
Honey Chil’
(What do I have to say) To get to yes
You should be on Cinemax
got it for a song
Let’s. Show. ThEm. How. To. Do. It.
Who do I have to sleep with. To hear some deep house tonight?
Hot Property